Advanced Kitecamp

You already know how to fly a kite and had first experiences with a board? If you feel save steering the kite and want to improve your skills doing board starts, learning how to go upwind, do a back roll or even learn how to unhook and do a raley, this is your kite camp? 

We will provide professional support, VDWS licensed instructors, encouraging sparring partners and like-minded people. We will take you to a great spot offering the best conditions to improve your skills. During this camp, we will talk about tricks, equipment, spots, safety and self rescue. We will catch up on your level and work on your personal next step.

Join in for a fun time on the water ;-)


  • clock
    27. Juni – 30. Juni
    Von 27. Juni um 15:00 bis 30. Juni um 14:00
    Tickets verfügbar

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Cheers Wiebke & Alex

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